Accepting Commission as a Fundraiser

Hi All!

It’s really been awhile, and big changes have happened in my life. After 7 amazing years in Israel, I have relocated to the US (greater NY area). It is an exciting transition time for me as I start this new chapter in my life!

In terms of the non-profit world, a topic I would like to explore is the idea of accepting a commission as a fundraiser, either as full or partial compensation for your work.

In the non-profit world in Israel, the common view is that accepting commission is incorrect and even unethical. If an organization wants to be professional, they need to pay the fundraiser/grant writer a salary that is independent from the donations. Many smaller, start-up non-profits do not understand this concept. In their opinion, why should they pay someone if they are not “bringing in results”?

This is a tricky topic. It is especially sensitive because often the process of soliciting donations and grants can be a lengthy process. In my opinion (and the majority of the non-profit field in Israel), a person should be compensated for the time s/he works. The bottom line is, what is more important: the person’s time, or the results? Ideally the time invested will lead to donations, but if it doesn’t, does the person not deserve to receive any payment for his/her work and the time invested?

I’ve been out of the game in the US for awhile. I imagine that it is the same here, but I am curious to hear about your experiences. Please share your thoughts! I look forward to your comments.


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3 Responses to Accepting Commission as a Fundraiser

  1. I would be interested in speaking with you privately. May I have your email address so we could discuss further?

  2. vikas says:

    I think, it is okay to compensate (fixed salary per month) for a fund raiser/grant writer for time & effort put in, by the organisation, where he/she is working, as like other staff. Also, additionally, they should also get a commission (some %) of funds/donations which came through them. So, ideally it should be fixed salary + commission. If some one is working independently as a consultant expert in fund raising/grant writing, then consultancy fees can be fixed by both parties, mutually agreeable to both.

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